Missouri State Treasurer and His Strategies to Find Unclaimed Property Missouri

Every US state has its own unclaimed property department. The function of the department is to locate people who have unclaimed monies that are escheated to the government. In Missouri, the National Treasury, where the unclaimed property department is under, great efforts had been done to distribute to the rightful owners every unclaimed property Missouri in the government coffers.
What constitute the unclaimed property Missouri?
The unclaimed properties are basically financial in nature. These comprise of bank accounts, non-negotiated checks and other abandoned monies. This is very simple – if these monies are not claimed, they are turned over to the state government to be safeguarded. The government then has to find ways to locate the rightful owner. There is the supreme intention to return the property to the owner.
Of course there are attempts to return the money but still the outstanding amount is staggering. This is the case of the state of Missouri; there is huge amount escheated to the government. And the state treasurer had not been remiss in his duties; he had done steps to return the abandoned money to the rightful owners.

Tools used to find unclaimed property Missouri

In the state of Missouri the state treasurer, Clint Zweifel, introduced his own way of finding many owners of every unclaimed property Missouri that is in the state’s safekeeping. Millions had been returned but not enough to bring the level of Missouri unclaimed properties.
Mr. Zweifel had introduced an online tool to help Missourians in the pursuit to find if they have unclaimed property Missouri. The tool is through the use of a website – ShowMeMoney.com. With the use of the website, people can share the result of their searching to friends and family. This can be done by just clicking a button in the site then a message will be sent to the recipient.

Website to find unclaimed property Missouri

The website endorsed by Missouri treasurer is the ShowMeMoney.com. What you have to do is type in the search space the name of your friend, family member and relative. Typing http://wwwshowmemoney.com will take you to a website about Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel – http://www.treasurer.mo.gov/content/find-your-property. You have to type the name in the search box and you will be directed to the unclaimed property search result. You will be presented with the found data and you can select which to claim or which to email.
unclaimed property Missouri

Success rate and cost of finding unclaimed property Missouri

The success rate of the campaign made by the Missouri Treasurer on the unclaimed property Missouri had been high. Hundred million dollars worth of unclaimed properties were returned to almost half a million account owners.
In Missouri, financial institutions, insurance companies and other business entities are required to turn over to the national treasury unclaimed properties that belong to the public – customers, clients, employees and all other such owners. There were aggressive efforts to return unclaimed properties consisting of bank accounts, bonds, stocks, stale checks, safety deposit box contents and other assets that had been abandoned. Other assets that were distributed to the respective owners are insurance benefits, government refunds, dividends as well as utility deposits.
People of USA should now be very conscious of this campaign. ShowMeMoney.com is not exclusive to one who is trying to find unclaimed property Missouri. Anyone can use the website endorsed by Treasurer Zweifel so everyone will be able to determine if they have any unclaimed property left behind in their previous places of residence.

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